Rulebook Errata

As time goes on, the rules for each game here will receive modifications and updates. You can find the most current rule iterations of every game on this page.

Here you can read or download them for free


Collective Seasons

As Years Pass and Seasons Change, Collect Nature Tiles to Form the Highest Scoring Year

Collective Seasons is a matching tile game inspired by the changes in nature during each season. Your goal is to collect the better tiles before the other players, and gain the highest score of points by the end of the game. Gameplay is similar to a race for the best tiles, and blocking players from getting high scores.


Martial Ground


You are the Martial of an army, and your goal is to retain your Success value, while striving to lower your opponent's Success to zero. Battle against opponent soldiers with the aim to lower the loser's Success. Post characters to the playing field to use unique abilities. Rally other soldiers and cards behind your battling soldiers, to boost their morale and increase your chance of winning.

The Victor is the Martial with remaining Success. Be that Victor.