A battling card game. Players' soldiers battle with the goal of lowering the opponent’s score to zero.

You are the Martial of an army, and your goal is to retain your Success, the measure of how well you are managing your army.

Build a base of Resource energy that is expended to play cards, deploy soldiers, and post characters to the playing field.

Every soldier and character has two unique abilities that aid your soldiers or give you an edge against your opponent.

Battle the opposing soldiers with the aim to lower the loser's Success. The winner is the Martial who drops their opponent's Success to zero.

Card Types

In your army deck are three types of cards: soldiers, characters, and energy

  • Soldiers come in different factions: paladins, mages, and captains. Soldiers also have a Force ranging from 1 through 10.

  • Characters are sent to a post beside the battling area, where they can heal your soldiers, build your supply, among other abilities.

  • Energy cards offer Resource energy in your base, can increase the Morale of your soldiers, and allow your soldiers to use their abilities with varying Power.

Card Design

All cards have a Force, which determines their overall potency, and cost to play. All cards also have a Utility value, which determines how much they're worth as Resource or Morale.

Cards come in one of three color schemes: Blue, Red, or Gray. Each color scheme determines which cards can be used to pay costs, and which soldiers they can add Morale to.

All soldiers and characters have two unique abilities. They might allow you to draw more cards, replace a defeated soldier with reinforcements, disable opposing soldiers, and much more.


Cards are placed in the base, which accrue Resource. You play cards by expending enough Resource to meet that card's Cost. You might deploy a soldier to the battle area, apply an energy card to a soldier to use an ability, or post a character.

Cards that have "expended" are turned from a vertical to horizontal position. You expend Resource cards to play other cards, expend soldiers to battle, and expend characters to use their abilities. At the beginning of every turn, all cards are Resupplied, and turned back to a vertical position. 

You can rally soldiers and energy cards behind your battling soldiers to boost their Morale. Soldiers battle in a competition to see who has the highest Morale. Defeated soldiers are Withdrawn from the battling area to your base, and the loser's Success is dropped accordingly.

Unique Mechanic

There is no discard pile, and all cards can become Resource cards. Whenever a soldier is defeated, a character withdrawn from their post, or an energy card is used up; they are sent to your base to give you more of an opportunity to use stronger cards and new abilities.

Win Condition

The first player to drop their opponents Success to zero is the winner. 

And through game mechanics, there is no chance for a draw or tie. There will always be a Victor.

Example Cards