“…the artwork is something that will immediately catch your attention.”

“If you are looking for a game that has straight-forward mechanics and has a light hearted sense of competition, do yourself a favor and check out what VOSVEN GAMES has to offer with Collective Seasons.”

-indietabletop review

As Years Pass and Seasons Change

Collect Nature Tiles to Form the Highest Scoring Year


Season tiles are divided into suits corresponding to one of the four seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter

Within each suit are three different images showing a progression of nature over time.

This design was inspired by the Hanafuda style of playing cards, where suits match months of the year and display plant life from each season.

The Board

The board is a group of randomly assorted hexagonal tiles. Your main goal is to match and collect your own tiles with those on the board.


Season tiles have three varying point values. Your goal is to collect matches with high scores.

If you’re not happy with your own tiles, you can add them to the board to gain new sets for your next turn. Throughout the game, the board may get larger, smaller, and change its shape.


As each player finishes their turn, more tiles are made available for the next player. So you must strategize to get the high scoring tiles and to prevent the next player from matching even better tiles on their next turn. You can block tiles by adding your own low score tiles, or snatch the best when you get your turn.

Raise the Stakes

Wild tiles offer high scores for season tiles, acting like wild cards that radically modify point value. There are fewer wild than season tiles, making them goals to compete for.

Win Condition

At the end of the game you choose one matched pair from each season suit, completing a full year. If your overall score is the highest, you win!


In short, Collective Seasons is a matching tile game inspired by the changes in nature during each season. Your goal is to collect the better tiles before the other players, and gain the highest score of points by the end of the game. Gameplay is similar to a race for the best tiles, and blocking players from getting high scores.


the main type of tile


act like wildcards